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2.0L, Auto, Petrol
The Forester is a sensible, practical, and affordable rental vehicle for touring our beautiful country. The engine is a fuel efficient 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer connected to a responsive 4 speed automatic.

It has a very comfortable ride and handles more like a car than an SUV, with responsive but light steering. The ABS- assisted braking is very good.

Standard fulltime all-wheel drive offers an amazing level of grip in all road conditions, especially in slippery conditions.
The interior is spacious with comfortable, with easy access, high seating for 5 adults with full seat-belts. Vision from the vehicle is also very good with an absence of heavy, view blocking pillars. The front seats are firm and well shaped, the rear seats are comfortable and can recline for more comfort. With wide opening doors these are very easy to get in or out of.

Plenty of luggage space in the back can handle 3-4 large pieces of luggage easily.


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